8 Items to keep you trendy this Fall ’21

As hot girl summer comes to a close, it’s time to switch over our bikinis and maxi dresses for vests, boots, and jackets. But don’t start crying just yet, while most of us aren’t happy about colder weather, the best outfits are fall outfits. So grab your Pumpkin Spice Latte, and let’s get cozy… Here are 8 items that will keep you trendy this Fall:


Loose Fit

Amen for a comfortable trend! Loose fit denim can easily be styled up or down. For dressier days, pair them with a waist belt and a crop top to highlight your waist. Throw on cute heels and an open vest or sweater for warmth. Feeling casual? Throw on your sneakers and cozy jacket. 



My favorite trend of the season. Vests are the ultimate outfit elevating item. You could be wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt and throwing on a chic vest will take you from a comfy girl, to rich girl. Pair a vest with virtually any outfit – long sleeved dresses, skirts, loose fit denim, croptops or a sweatshirt.


Retro Swirls

We all spend way too much time staring at the nail polish shelf deciding  our next color, so let me make it easier for you. Ditch the red wine colored nails and opt for something different this season. Retro swirls are easy to paint and an easy way to add some fun to your outfits. Combine 2-3 contrasting colors to create statement retro swirls – there’s really no wrong way to wear them. 


Claw Clips

I’m sure you’ve worn these as a little girl at some point. The claw clips were popular back in the 90’s and were worn by virtually every it girl. Claw clips are great for those dirty hair days and allow you to easily style your hair in seconds – no hot tools needed! 



Nothing makes me happier than easy slip on shoes. Clogs (if worn well) provide an effortless chic look. Pair them with a dress, mini skirt or your loose-fit denim.


Nude Boots

Besides making your legs look longer, nude boots pair well with virtually any fall outfit and color. Pair them with a white, navy or black T-shirt dress, mini skirts and an oversized blazer or coat. You’ll notice these will quickly become a staple in your closet. 



A cutout dress will instantly make you look and feel sexier. The key is to find a dress that highlights your best features. If you love showing your back, find a dress with back cutouts. If you love to show your waist, find a dress with cutouts at the waist. If you feel comfortable in it, you’ll feel sexy in it. For a more subtle look, pair a cut out dress or top under a quilted jacket or vest. 



Quilted jackets are a fun and easy way to stay stylish while temperatures drop. A cropped quilted jacket will deliver a more sophisticated look, while a longer jacket is great for layering under longer vests and dresses. Opt for a solid bold color to make every outfit a statement piece. 

The best outfit season is upon us and I challenge you to step out of the box this season and try something different with your style. Fashion is fun because we can easily change it up and try different things – trendy or not. 


As always, I’m so grateful for your support and love having this opportunity to serve you with fashion intel. What’s your favorite Fall 21′ Trend? Comment below! 




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