Female Entrepreneurship

Does embracing your femininity makes you a stronger entrepreneur?

Meet Bella Caetano

I am so excited to share my inspirational conversation with Bella from Bellina Caetano. Bella is the founder of her own jewelry line in Chicago – Bellina Caetano, where she designs Brazilian jewelry for the gracefully bold woman. She embodies her femininity in all aspects of her brand – from her jewelry designs, her packaging, to her boutique decor and yes – even her brand scent! Read through or watch the clip below as I ask Bella 6 questions around embracing your femininity as a female entrepreneur, and yes, embracing her femininity has also backfired on her! 


Tell us what you do
and who you do it for.

I am a Brazilian jewelry designer here in Chicago and I design Brazilian jewelry for the gracefully bold woman. 


What does it mean
to you to embrace your femininity?

It comes down to not wanting to be like the generic power that is in the world. Rather, creating your own power. I relate my power to my femininity, I don’t want to look like or do things like a man. I want my femininity to be the power. 


How do you show your femininity in
your brand?

It really is one of the number one super powers that women have, the nurturing. So everything that I do, literally starts from my womb. It starts as an idea, why am I even bringing this product (or service)? Theres always a why and a period of nurturing to see it grow before it gets to other women’s hands. So a ring, when it’s being designed, its really with the intention of “What is this ring going to provoke on the women wearing it?” Its very interesting when they tell me what they feel when they wear my jewelry and really its the same feeling I had when designing it. So, it’s interesting. 


Why do you think being feminine in business gets such
a bad rep?

I think theres a really big misconception that ‘girly’ type of businesses don’t make money – that they’re for the pure pleasure of vanity. I don’t see it like that. If you look around, women are the biggest consumers in the world. And who is making products for them? Men.

Doesn’t make any sense. So, people look us [women] for example, I sell jewelry.  Yeah I don’t sell the iron bars to make train rails in the USA. You know, it doesn’t sound as important – but I feel like those are the positions that men take. And its natural – that’s where mens interest lie.

Well guess what? A woman’s interest is naturally more inclined towards art, fashion, creativity, nurturing roles, hospitality and I really believe they are just as important but they’re just not given the right amount of attention. 


Have you ever had an instance where embracing your femininity back fired?

Oh yes (laughs)! I built my business based on hospitality. On being the nice little girl just having people over to drink some tea and for a long time, I felt like people thought I was playing doll house over here. I AM NOT PLAYING DOLL HOUSE, GIRLFRIEND! 


I am creating a business that soon enough will create a good amount of jobs in my country (Brazil) and dream jobs here in America because I created the position of my dreams. Today,  I love my work, and I want to create more positions like that for women to have a fair salary being creative – whether it’s hosting tea parties or dressing up cute all day long. I want to create those positions for women. 


What advice would you give women who want to launch a business or are working in a male dominated field?

Do not blend in! That is what we have done to ourselves. We have put characteristics on ourselves that do not belong to our feminine selves – just to blend in, to go quiet, so that we are not as noticed. Well, you have the power. Get noticed! 

The only way to use your power is when people start looking at you. Yeah, it’s not pleasant sometimes in the beginning, because people may not understand you, but you should definitely not try to blend in. You should try to show how important your power is. Not diminishing any man’s power, they have their own specific type skills that provide them with a certain type of power. Women have different skills that give them an extra superpower. 

If you go back in history, women did not have the opportunities to be together with other women and brainstorm how to bring their power to the world. Men did. Men had clubs, they had secret meetings. Let’s go back to the scientists, the physicysts, the artists. Back in the day, they had secretive meetings where women weren’t allowed and they made their power. They made us believe that we [Women] didn’t belong to that power. No problem. Nowadays we are going to create our very own communities and discuss how we’re going to bring our new power to the world.

I believe by 2030 more women will be in leadership positions than ever in history because we are in an era where information gets out so fast and we are able to gather those women to do the same brainstorms Einstein did with his buddies (laughs). We are doing that now as we sit right here, we are discussing our ideas, we are discussing our power. It’s a new power – it’s a feminine power. 


There you have it! I hope Bella’s words encourage you to stay true to your feminine qualities in business or at work and allow yourself to be seen as you are. Do you think tapping into your feminine side makes you a stronger Female Entrepreneur? I’d love to hear your thoughts, comment below! 




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